How To Save The Universe

Our home – our planet, our Solar System and indeed our entire Universe – has a finite lifespan. All that is will be destroyed, either in fire or, as observations suggest now seems more likely, in a lingering, depressing ‘heat death’. The stars will all go out, and the expanding cosmos will be no more than a colossal, black and freezing void in which nothing of interest ever happens again. The laws of nature insist upon it.

Interesting thought experiment on the inevitable demise of our universe and how it could be saved. I’m always fascinated by reading about the vast scale of the universe and the fact that we still know so very little about it.

Australia Wants To Kill You

“Being stung is the worst kind of pain you can imagine – like being burnt with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time”

Sounds like what happens when you install a bad WordPress theme. I already new Australia is home to some of the most dangerous reptiles, insects and sea life in the world but I had no clue that even some of it’s native plants are also out to kill you. The Gympie-Gympie is like poison ivy on crack.