The Origin Of Pluto’s Hexagon Features

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that Pluto’s amazing hexagonal geologic features are an elaborate publicity stunt by someone you know.

But we can all agree that NASA’s latest photo of Pluto from New Horizons is pretty amazing.

“It’s weird that they’re spaced so regularly,” says New Horizons program scientist Curt Niebur at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Jeff Moore of NASA’s Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California, is equally intrigued. “We can’t tell whether they’re plateaus or plains, or whether they’re brightness variations on a completely smooth surface.”

Pluto’s geologic features have scientists puzzled and this is the last look at this side of Pluto for decades to come. If ever. When New Horizons flys by Pluto over the next few days this side of the (dwarf) planet will not be visible.

Enjoy the view. It very well could be the only view of this side of Pluto you see in your lifetime.