Apple R&D Expenses

Whatever Apple is Working On Must Be Big!

Apple’s $10 billion annual R&D pace is an indicator that management is looking to move beyond phones, tablets, and watches in a quest to find another industry that Apple can bring coolness to, where the status quo has resulted in our expectations for what is possible to be lowered. An industry where Apple can surprise consumers with something new.

Above Avalon sheds light on the fast growing pace of Apple’s Research and Development expenditures.

Everyone knows that Apple is secretly working on new products. But you may not realize just how much their research and development expenses have recently increased. Apple is spending far, far more money on research and development than ever before. This is a significant trend for a company that is arguably the best in the world at how they manage their money.

It means big things. Some i’m sure have already been rumored and some we haven’t even thought of yet. I can’t wait to see the end result of all of this R&D. Technology is amazing.

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